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Hawaii is an island that captivates people from all over the world. Just being there can make you feel rejuvenated. The entire island is said to be a power spot, filled with mysterious energy.

Aloha Flowers are flower fairies living in Hawaii. They gently accompany those who visit the island, sometimes offering wonderful power.

For example, when you are standing still, unable to move forward, the plumeria fairy "Meri" whispers the answers you already have within you. They are fragments of happiness that haven't taken shape yet, eager to let you know that you simply haven't realized it yet.

The hibiscus fairy "Bis" gives you the courage to change your situation. It's not about being right or wrong; her philosophy is to keep challenging. She might have a point.

The ilima fairy "Lima" uses her petals as antennas to catch good energy, giving freshness to both your heart and body.

When you feel like giving up, but still hold on, the ohia lehua fairy "Lehua" rekindles the fading light into burning passion. She means it.

And patrolling the island constantly is the pikake fairy "Pika." A bit of a busybody, she gives you the power to love, not only in the sense of loving someone else but also in cherishing yourself.

The fairies are always discussing who will bring out the power you need "now." Sometimes, several of them, or even all of them, will send you their power.

Aloha Flowers are flower fairies living in Hawaii. Take a deep breath and feel their presence.

Flower Fairies



Plumeria Fairy



Hibiscus Fairy



Ilima Fairy



Ohia Lehua Fairy



Pikake Fairy

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